Happy new year to all parents and carers from the safeguarding team. In the first bi-weekly e safety update of the year we wish to share a BBC news article that was released this week.  This news article discusses an increase in the amount of hateful social media posts that children in Britain are being exposed to as a result of the Hamas attacks, and concerns around young people being exposed to potential radicalisation by exposure to these posts, many children are then making their own posts or sharing these hateful comments.

Free speech Vs hate speech poster

As always, we advise and encourage parents to be mindful of what your children are accessing on social media and engage with them on the material that they are posting, so that you are aware of what content is on their phone and devices.


Please get in touch with the safeguarding team either by calling the school or emailing safeguarding@manor.ttct.co.uk if you have any concerns about e-safety and your child, and if you believe your child’s safety has been compromised online we would always recommend that you report this to the police.