Email Update and Information

Final website update any further updates to be provided on email.

Office 365 Migration Update – 18/08/2021


All staff emails have been moved across. You should now be able to see all your historic emails and calendar items when logging with your new email address.

We have been made aware of some users you have not got access to mailboxes they had before. If this is the case for you, please let us know as soon as possible so we can communicate this back to the engineer.

Remember that your old email addresses forward any emails to your new one.

OneDrive Data 

OneDrive data. Your personal OneDrive data is currently being migrated and should start to appear soon. Again, this is a lengthy process so will take some time.

Teams Data 

You will need to sign out of Teams and log back in with your new email address.

You will not be part of ANY Teams until the first day of the Academic year, once we turn back on our syncing tools. On the first day we can start to create Teams for your classes and the Teams that include all of Year 7, 8, 9 etc… The data is these areas can then be copied across and we will do that as soon as it is possible.


As of this morning ‘Every’ email addresses have been changed and you should be able to login with your new email address and same password you used for Every. Please let us know if you can’t login so we can check your account.

PaperCut – Printing 

If you are on site, please make sure you have followed the instructions to setup Outlook (attached) and make sure you restart your laptops when you arrive and login with your new usernames.

The first time you scan your badge against a printer you will be prompted for your new username. If you find you have no budgets assigned to your account , please let us know so we can adjust.

Other online systems – SAGE, Educational website that require logins 

Please remember we don’t have access to every system that you may use. For example, if you use SAGE you will still need to login with your old email address. Bare this in mind if you can’t login. As always if you are unsure, just ask 😊

Update 11/08: Copying of emails is still happening and the company carrying out the work are making good progress.

Update 09/08: We now have set of instructions for you to use to get your Outlook up and running again. Please follow theses instructions carefully. If you have any issues, remember to log into your emails here: and email us on

Outlook Instructions

Update: Our ticketing system is now back up and running. If you require any assistance, please email

Update: If you are logging into Google Drive. You will now need to use your new email address. Password should be the same.

Update: Emails are now live and working using your new email address. If you require to send emails you should be able to login by going to

New email format:

Also remember that your historic emails may not appear. We are now in the process of migrating data across from our old domain and understandably with the amount of data this may take some time.

Please take time to read through the changes we are making again in our emails. New usernames are now in place for your laptops. This only applies if you are on site or when connected to FortiClient.

You will now need to use your new username to access FortiClient.

Two Counties Trust – One Tenancy

This summer the Trust will be carrying out a standardisation of our email systems.

The many benefits of this exercise will include easier collaboration between schools allowing us to interact easily and have all our users under one umbrella.

The Trust have brought in a 3rd party contractor to carry out this work and we are working with them to ensure your data is transferred across.

What does that mean to me?

Your email address and login will change.

Where you are now:

You will be:

Your username to login to computers is currently: WraggB

It will become: Bradley.Wragg

Your name used for your email address and username will come from your preferred name in SIMS. We suggest that you make sure your preferred name in SIMS is correct and what you would like it to be.