Mr Bruce Starkey

Head of Manor College – 

Mr Starkey is the head of the sixth form, Manor College, here at the Manor Academy. His main priorities are to provide a learning environment with the support, and challenge, in place that will allow you to excel and move onto your chosen pathway. Whether this is university, apprenticeship, or employment your future is Mr Starkey’s main priority. He wants Manor College to be the establishment that facilitates your progression from pupil, to student, to adult. 

Miss Lisa Firman

Pastoral Support Officer for Manor College – 

Lisa is the pastoral support officer for Manor College and has been in the role since 2019. She is there to offer academic support to all students and provide the very best pastoral care. Her aim is to ensure every student’s time at Manor College, from the day they enrol to their very last exam, is safe, happy and each student is supported to reach their full potential. Students will always have the guidance and support from Lisa throughout their journey and into their future pathways.