At a stage of your life that is full of promise and opportunity, we here at Manor College pride ourselves on providing an environment that enables you to make the best choices for your future. We provide an educational experience that will both challenge and support you in reaching your full potential. 

Our choice of pathways and dedicated staff will provide you with the optimum curriculum for your future aspirations. The curriculum will stimulate you, hone your skills, motivate and excite you for your next steps. As you transition from childhood to adulthood whilst at the Manor College, we will be here to support you in becoming respectful, sensitive, compassionate, caring and productive members of society. We encourage students to develop a voice whilst still being able to listen to, and respect other’s thoughts and opinions. Through this ideal of communication and collaboration we know that you can be a part of building a brighter future. 

Whilst at Manor College you will enjoy increased freedoms and autonomy, and as such, greater responsibility. You will have a timetable with 18 hours of contact time per week with the remaining 7 hours as study periods to manage your own learning. What will you choose to do in these study periods? We recognise that through this period of your life the greater responsibilities can be daunting. Our excellent pastoral support team will be here to listen, challenge, and guide you through your post 16 experience.  

Whether you are aiming to move on to university, apprenticeship or employment, we have the curriculum, teaching, facilities and support in place to provide you with every opportunity to be successful in your chosen pathway.