Year 9 students are now at the stage where they need to choose their GCSE/BTEC courses for Years 10 and 11. We know that many of our students will have a clear sense of what subjects they wish to study at a deeper level in the coming years, however we are also aware that some will still be making their mind up.

We are holding our Year 9 Options Open Evening on Thursday 18th April 2024, because we know how important these decisions are we will be holding two events at across the evening, the first one starting at 4.30pm and the second one at 5.30pm in the Main Hall, where Mr Gladwin will guide you through the options process and provide an opportunity for you and your child to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss their options. In the meantime, below you can find a link to our options process page, where you can find information about booking onto the evening and see the latest version of our options booklet, supporting in making those important choices going into Year 10.

Options Process Page