Importance of Attendance and Punctuality 

Attendance is one of the biggest factors that influences children’s achievement at The Manor Academy. When a child attends school regularly, they succeed. Arriving on time for school gives a positive start to the day, ensuring that children are ready to learn all day and that no learning is lost. We want all children to be happy, safe and supported at school to support their strong attendance. 

Good attendance and punctuality are important life-skills that are highly valued by employers, colleges and universities. The Manor Academy places a large emphasis on these life skills with a view to our young people becoming successful in the future. Teaching students about the importance of good attendance is an important part of our curriculum.  

Attendance is a legal requirement and The Academy expects students to attend every day and has an attendance target of 96%. 

Families should: 

  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly, punctually, properly equipped and ready to learn.  
  • Notify the school of absence by 8.30 a.m. on the day your child is ill on 01623 425100.  
  • Take family holidays in the school holiday period.  
  • To inform the school of any concerns around attendance. 
  • To provide up to date contact details and telephone numbers for every adult with parental responsibility. If the details change then the school must be informed as soon as possible. 
  • In the event that your child is absent and we have not been notified the school will make contact via telephone or home visit. 

Families must obtain permission from the Headteacher to take their child out of school during term time.  This should be done by contacting your child’s pastoral team. Permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.  

Attendance support procedures: 

  • The Academy will seek to make contact with families when a child is absent on the day and will carry out home visits for contact and safeguarding purposes.  
  • The Academy will contact families by letter where attendance becomes a concern and may offer support via the Pastoral Team. 
  • The Academy will make referrals to outside agencies to support families with attendance where appropriate. 
  • The Academy will issue a Penalty Notice for any holidays taken during school term time. 
  • The Academy will issue Penalty Notice proceedings where there is a significant amount of unauthorised absence. 

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