The Library is a dedicated space located adjacent to the Manor College base and on the Forest side of school near the English Faculty to facilitate access and support to all year groups. As well as books and printed resources, the space provides study tables, relaxed seating, two PCs and a printer for supervised student use.

Outside of the timetable of KS3 reading lessons, the Library is currently open to students to borrow books between the following hours:

8:00am – 4:00pm (Monday-Thursday)
8:00am – 2:00pm (Friday)

The following extra-curricular clubs are offered in the Library:

Monday after school: Year 8 & 9 Book Club
Tuesday after school: Year 7 Book Club
Friday lunch 1: Years 7, 9, 11 Manga Club
Friday lunch 2: Year 8, 10 Manga Club

These dedicated reading hour lessons and the programme of clubs give students time and space to read for pleasure from a wide choice of reading materials. The comprehensive Library collection supports the curriculum and provides both classic and current high-quality fiction to encourage a joy in reading for its own sake.

The Library collection consists of a wide selection of: fiction books; non-fiction books; comics and graphic novels; textbooks and resources for Manor College students; and careers information resources.
The fiction books are organised in alphabetical order by surname within genres, with a section of easy reader books organised by reading level to support developing readers. Comics and graphic novels are organised by series.
Non-fiction books are organised by topic, with a dedicated section for poetry and playscripts including Shakespeare.
Manor College resources are organised by subject for textbooks and non-fiction, and author for fiction.

The library is run full-time and should you need to contact the library staff, you can email

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