Welcome From the Chair of Governors

May I, on behalf of the Governing Body, extend a warm welcome to you. 

The Governing Body at Manor exists to offer support to the Headteacher in the strategic decisions made at the academy, as well as hold the academy to account to ensure that we offer the best educational experience for all of our students.   

We are a Governing Body of thirteen members who all bring a wealth of skills and experience together to help shape Manor for the future.  Our work involves all stakeholders to ensure everyone has a voice in the development of the academy.  We meet formally throughout the academic year as a whole Governing Body and perform a number of monitoring visits to ensure our strategic plans have the desired impact on the improvement of our academy. 

We are all very proud of Manor Academy, both in the academic success our students achieve, and in our work with the local community.  We are a wholly inclusive academy and will do everything we can to support students in developing their academic and vocational skills. 

Judith Caswell – Chair of Governors