In Year 9 we expect all students to study English, Mathematics, Science, History or Geography core Religious Studies, Physical Education and PSHE, therefore depending on whether Triple or Trilogy Science is chosen this will give each child either 2 or 3 options choices.  

We have designed a number of educational pathways which best suit the needs of our students while providing a wide range of options to choose from and this will ideally ensure most students will get all their first choices. If a subject does not attract a minimum number of students, we may not be able to put this on. If an allocation difficulty arises, the students will be informed and we will work together to select different options.  

Below is a link to the options booklet so you can gain a greater insight into the choices your child could choose for the coming year. We also have a range of options videos where our staff explain the courses in more detail. Over the course of the options process the school will be running a range of events, including an options evening, meeting with a student’s tutor to discuss option choices, pop up surgeries run by different faculties and taster days for students to try the subject out for size.  

Options Booklet

Some general good advice around option choices at this point for students to follow when making their option choices include: 

  • It is most unwise to choose a particular subject because a friend is doing so, or because of liking or disliking a particular teacher. There is no certainty at all that friends will be allocated to the same teaching group, nor that they will be with the teacher of their choice. 

Option subject choices should be made according to these principles:  

  • ability in the subject; interest in, and liking for, the subject itself;  
  • previous success in the subject should also be used to support any decision 
  • relevance of the subject to future career (if known).  It is essential for the students to be proactive in finding out about the courses. Where a student does not have any definite career ideas, it is wise to aim for a balanced choice of subjects which would ensure good all-round education and flexibility for future career choice.  Please encourage your child to talk to their teachers about the subjects they are thinking of studying next year.