At the Manor Academy we pride ourselves on our core values. These values run throughout our curriculum and make our Academy a successful and enjoyable place of education. 

  • Caring: by treating ourselves, one another and our environment with compassion, we will meet the needs of all individuals of our diverse community.
  • Aspire: we promote a learning environment in which students are motivated to be curious learners and are excited about the next stage of their learning journey.
  • Voice: we encourage everyone to share their thoughts and opinions while being sensitive to the opinions of others.
  • Ambition: We maximise our potential through striving for excellence.
  • Teamwork: We give 100% effort, displaying kindness and humility for the benefit of all.
  • Honesty: We are respectfully open about our successes and areas for growth.

In a world that is full of promise and opportunity but one which requires evermore complex decision making skills to ensure we make the right choices throughout our lives. We here at the Manor Academy wish to provide an educational experience which both challenges all our students to be the best they can be academically, while developing them into responsible and caring members of their community.

Our highly trained staff are ambitious about providing a rich curriculum which will stimulate the whole child, developing students who are curious, motivated and excited about broadening their horizons both educationally and personally.   We pride ourselves on developing respectful, sensitive and well behaved students through a strong pastoral education programme, one that is grounded in the ideals compassion, diversity and humility. The Manor Academy actively encourages all our students to develop a powerful voice but an even greater ability to listen to others thoughts and opinions so as to be able embrace the richness of the world they live in and play a positive role in it.

The Manor Academy is an active participant in the life of the local community, we achieve this through building professional relationships with all our students’ families, strong links with our feeder schools and other local educational organisations.  This ensures we provide a seamless transition from primary to secondary and then have quality advice and guidance in place at KS4 options and beyond to guarantee your child can make an informed choice as to their next step.

We have a great curriculum offer for our students and first class facilities in which to study in, but we will always put people first, as we know it’s the people that make a lasting positive impact on the lives of our students. The Manor Academy is a great place to both learn and work.