It is important for our students to be in correct uniform whilst at the Academy. Wearing uniform also helps keep you safe when travelling before and after the school day.  

All uniform items can be purchased at the School Centre, Westgate, Mansfield or visit

Schoolwear Centre Mansfield Manor Academy

Uniform is also available from the Trutex Direct web-site and sign in using the LEA code: LEA00663SC

Manor Academy Uniform Guide

Manor Academy Dress Code 

  • Manor Academy Blazer – Royal Blue with Academy logo embroidered (essential) 
  • Navy ‘V’ necked jumper bearing the Academy logo and name (optional) 
  • White or blue shirt/blouse (must be able to button to the top). 
  • Manor Academy tartan clip tie 
  • Plain black leather type shoes, not canvas, without logos or bright coloured stitching. 
  • Waterproof coat 
  • Black school trousers, black socks Manor Blue Tartan school skirt or black full-length school trousers (not skinny fit), black socks or black opaque tights. 

PE/Dance/Drama Kit 

  • Navy Blue rugby shirt – with Manor logo 
  • Navy blue polo shirt with Manor logo 
  • Manor royal blue/navy tracksuit or unbranded plain Navy blue tracksuit/jogging bottoms 
  • Manor royal blue/navy or Navy blue shorts or skorts 
  • Navy blue or black socks (unbranded plain) 
  • Manor logoed hoody or unbranded plain Navy blue sweatshirt 
  • Manor Academy navy leggings 
  • Football boots with safety studs (recommended) 
  • Sport training shoes are essential (not plimsolls) 


  • If your child forgets to bring, or brings any unacceptable kit, they will need to borrow from the Academy. 
  • If your child cannot take part in Physical Activities (PE, Dance or Drama) they must still bring their equipment and an explanatory letter. They will be asked to take part in the lesson undertaking a different role whether it be coach, official, general helper. 
  • Mouth guards should be used by students when participating in sports where there is a possibility of receiving a mouth injury. Shin pads should be used by students when participating in sports where there is a possibility of receiving shin injuries. For example, in hockey and football.  
  • All items must be clearly marked/labelled with the student’s name.

Items and Clothing Not Permitted 

Certain items are not acceptable on school premises:  jeans/chinos defined by style or material, high-heeled shoes, shoes with studs, high boots, snow boots (except in exceptional weather conditions); patterned shirts; football scarves and hats; baseball caps; jewellery (except one pair of stud earrings to be worn in ears only); hooded tops made from sweatshirt type material with the exception of the approved PE kit. 

Please note that hairstyles which contain bright, unnatural colours and heavy make-up are not allowed. Hair accessories must be small and not brightly coloured. Mobile phones should not be seen or heard around site at anytime. At all times they are the sole responsibility of the student. 

Students who arrive at The Academy wearing incorrect uniform will be required as appropriate to remove it; the item will then be kept securely by The Academy staff until the end of the day. Replacement items can be borrowed from the Academy. Students refusing to do this will be educated away from mainstream lessons until the situation is resolved.