Homework plays a key part in students’ learning across the whole curriculum at Manor, and is set regularly in subjects through the booklet learning system now in place. Homework reminders can be found in the student planners, which are checked by both the tutor and families.  At Manor we view homework as an opportunity for students to work independently to consolidate both powerful knowledge and skills. Homework is work that is set to be completed outside of the timetabled classroom. It is designed to allow students to build both the skills and the powerful knowledge required for each subject that they are studying.

Research shows that students have increased success in complex tasks (E.g. examinations, problem solving etc.) when they have a detailed knowledge of subject content and the skills required to apply this knowledge. By committing the skills and knowledge required to long term memory, it frees up working memory so that processing information is easier when solving problems. 

Homework is set every week in English, Maths and Science and at least fortnightly in every other subject.