This half terms safeguarding campaign is entitled Hearing Hurtful Things: Be an Upstander

This topic has been chosen to ensure that we give a clear and consistent message to students about what to do in difficult situations. This is our first campaign that headlines the new tagline; Be an Upstander, as we seek to extend the work we have done to empower our students to be proactive when it is safe and possible.

Part of this campaign features the issue of misogyny, which has been highlighted many times and schools need to respond to this with a balanced response to students who may seek to claim that this is just banter and part of the way they have a laugh; that words don’t matter, or that it is over-reaction. We want to ensure that students understand that the threats posed by misogyny are real and we aim to ensure that students understand that these views run counter to Fundamental British values and our TCT values