We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our determination ensure that your child get the absolute maximum amount of support with their Year 10 Mock Exams over what can be quite a stressful time.  These mock exams are a great opportunity for your child to get a real sense of how the exams will operate next summer and help them to settle into an exam environment which can be quite unsettling.  It will also give both you and your child a good sense of the progress they are making and areas which we can work together on to improve their understanding of key subject topics.

The exams period starts for our Year 10 students on Monday 17th of June and finishes on 28th June.

To support your child, we have constructed a fully timetabled plan of when the exams are taking place and where we have revision lessons. As you can see, we aim to provide revision sessions for all children for a range of the exams, these sessions are tailored to the requirements of the paper being studied and needs of the students.

Can we please ask for your support in ensuring that your child takes these exams seriously and talk to their teachers if they require any guidance on areas of revision over the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your continued support.