This week we have launched “The Climb” booklet with all Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9 students. “The Climb” will be used to recognise and reward students for their achievements in wider personal development learning activities. These will include tasks based on attendance, reading, literacy skills, volunteering, learning a new skill and helping someone in the community.

Below you can view a copy of “The Climb” booklet, including the tasks that students will work towards completing, and a video by Mr Evans, our Head of PSHE explaining how the booklet works.

The Climb Booklet

We would hugely value family engagement in “The Climb”. We are asking families to email the school if your child(ren) complete any tasks outside of the school environment. Please email and include their name as the subject of the email to evidence their achievements; for example, this could be a photograph of them cooking a meal at home.

If you have any further queries about “The Climb” please email

The Climb - Manor Academy