In today’s changing world, it is increasingly important for parents to be able to keep their children safe online, and many parents express concerns that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to keep up with the changing technology. Nationally, there are issues with social media and the online world and we will be sharing regular information about these matters which we hope some parents will find useful.

We will also be looking to arrange some parents’ information evenings to offer further support, so look out for opportunities to book onto these if it is of interest.

This week’s information is around setting up parental controls and is provided by the NSPCC:

There is also an attached poster that can be used to start discussions with your child.

Please get in touch with the safeguarding team either by calling the school or emailing if you have any concerns about e-safety and your child, and if you believe your child’s safety has been compromised online we would always recommend that you report this to the police.