At The Manor Academy, our commitment to supporting our students and families remains steadfast, especially during challenging times like the current cost of living crisis. Our ongoing Uniform Hub ensures that students have access to quality uniform items, coats, school shoes, and bags, minimising the impact of financial factors on their education.

Our dedication extends to our free-to-access Breakfast Club, available to eligible students in Years 7-9, including those on Free School Meals, and all Year 7 students. Thanks to the National School Breakfast Programme, every student can start their day with a nutritious bagel, promoting a positive learning environment.

Recognising the importance of addressing diverse needs, we provide free menstrual products to our students and their family members. Additionally, some students have received free laptops, aiding them in their studies and ensuring equitable access to educational resources.

We are actively working to make school trips financially accessible to as many families as possible, reinforcing the belief that enriching experiences should be within reach for all students. The upcoming reopening of the prom shop in February will further extend our support by providing suits and evening gowns to students.

Headteacher, Mrs Kerry emphasised the Academies’ commitment:

“We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where financial challenges do not hinder our students’ educational journey. The various initiatives, from the Uniform Hub to the prom shop, reflect our dedication to supporting every student. At The Manor Academy, we stand by our students and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need to thrive.”