We are pleased to announce that we are now well on our way to rolling out the new “Show My Homework” app for you and your children. Staff have received training to show them how it works and how they can support their tutees to use the app in the coming days. Our staff will be loading the homework tasks on to the system in the week and we will be sharing the App and how to access it with our students over the next few days through our assemblies.

The App will give you a bigger role in your child’s learning and provide you with a more up to date information source on the homework being set. It will also support students to have a very clear understanding of the high expectations of the homework being set and what work they need to complete outside of the classroom to make the maximum progress.

We are pleased to announce that students will complete homework in the App in the first week back after the October half term.

Accessing the App

The app is now live for students and families to access, start logging on and viewing homework that is set for after October half term. Families should have received a parent code from us to link the account to their child. Please take the time to log onto the app before we come back after October half term.

You can access the platform by going to the link below on a computer or by downloading the Satchel One app from your app store on mobile.

Satchel One – Show My Homework website – Click here 

Below you will find videos to support you logging on and using the Show My Homework app. Videos below show you using the app both on mobile and desktop devices. We ask that families pay close attention to all videos below to support your child with this new platform.

If you require any further assistance, we have setup a dedicated email you can use to get in touch with our ICT Support team. Please email, if you have any issues or queries.

Student Mobile PowerPoint Video

Student Mobile Video Guide

Student Desktop PowerPoint Video

Student Desktop Video Guide

Parent Mobile PowerPoint Video

Parent Mobile Video Guide

Parent Desktop PowerPoint Video

Parent Desktop Video Guide