Happy World Book Day 2024 from everyone at The Manor Academy! This year, our Head Teacher, English and Drama department all dressed up for our students to promote a love for reading. A variety of outfits were seen around school site from Lady Macbeth, The Crow, Chucky, The Witcher, Dracula and some Oompa Loompas!

We also had the privilege of a visit from two wonderful authors: Sarah Ann Juckes and Richard C Bower. Sarah hosted sessions that focused on a range of her books and spoke about the importance of nature and mental health during her powerful presentations. Richard commented on his variety of poems, focusing on the Mansfield Town Football Club.

A new section of the library was also unveiled, thanks to our students, named ‘Culture’, which now hosts a fantastic selection of new texts. Authors such as Zephaniah, Mohamud, Blackman and Wheatle now fill our shelves, as well as exciting new non fiction texts such as ‘The Story of Chadwick Bozeman’ and ‘The Real Top Boys’.

Staff also came together to create a video to read a poem called ‘People Will Always Need People’ by British poet and campaigner Benjamin Zephaniah who sadly recently passed away. This can be found on our social media pages.

Our new TTCT competition was also launched: The Ambition Anthology. This is open to all students in The Two Counties Trust and is your opportunity to become a published author. The writing can be any form or genre such as prose, fiction, poetry or non fiction. It must link to the theme of ‘ambition’ and have high standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar, with a maximum of 500 words. The deadline is Friday 12th April and entries are to be sent to Mrs Mason or Miss Bateman. The Ambition Anthology will be published later this year.

We had a brilliant day at The Manor Academy celebrating World Book Day and promoting a love for reading.