The way we work with you as families has never been more important to us. We know that both schools and families are facing some unique challenges and it is essential that they work together, if young people are to have the stability that they need.

Nationally, student attendance is worryingly low, exclusions and parental complaints have risen and there are concerns about young people’s declining mental health and behaviour. In some circumstances this area can cause tension between school and home. We remain absolutely committed to working with families to remove any barriers. At the heart of making things better for young people and giving them best positive upbringing and education is adults working effectively together.

Therefore, I am pleased to be able to share with you on this link to our Family Handbook which explains clearly the school’s expectations and system to ensure that we have the calm, ordered and purposeful learning environment that you expect us to have here at The Manor Academy. Whilst we will listen and make reasonable adjustments where appropriate there are many parts of school life which, by design, are inflexible, such as our timetable and policies. Please do take the time to read this handbook, along with your child, so that they understand fully how the school operates.

We all should be really proud of Manor Academy and our wonderful young people. It is a privilege to work with you as families towards our shared goals and thank you in advance for your support in 2023-24.

With kind regards,
Mrs Kerry